“We, the students, have the right to participate in the decisions that shape our education”

These letters will contribute to raising awareness on the importance of student participation and fostering a European vision of it. These letters, prepared from the systemic review of all regulations related to student participation, will offer in a didactic and simple way an overview of the rights related to the participation that any student can currently exercise.

We consider that the understanding of the student’s participation rights covered by different legislation at the European, National, Regional and Institutional level, is vital for respecting and promoting the fundamental rights of the students in the Higher Education System.

🇵🇹 Student Rights Charter, Portugal

🇪🇸 Student Rights Charter, España

🇦🇹 Student Rights Charter, Austria

🇵🇹 Student Rights Charter, University of Évora (UÉ)

🇪🇸 Student Rights Charter, University of Huelva

🇦🇹 Students Rights Charter, FH Oberösterreich

🇪🇸 Student Rights Charter, Andalucía, España

Student Rights Charters prepared by the members of the European Students’ Union

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