The second multiplier event of the Student Participation Without Borders (STUPS) project, organised in Partnership with the EESC and which took place in Brussels, Belgium, was intended to disseminate the project’s results and intellectual outputs: the Student Rights Charters, the Guide to New Methodologies, two MOOCs on Student Participation and Improving Soft Skills for Effective and Efficient Participation, and the Integral Plans to Encourage Student participation.

The STUPS project consortium consists of the University of Huelva, as the project coordinator, the University of Evora, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation of the Junta de Andalucía and the European Students’ Union as partners. 

Similarly, the occasion increased the number of European users of all project outcomes. All of this increased student participation, and thus in governance and inclusion within the EHEA’s higher education systems and the social inclusion of local communities.

We intended to reach out to an audience outside of STUPS programs, including student leaders and administrators of higher education institutions in third entities and nations. Due to the health situation, the event was organised in a hybrid format, allowing for the involvement of a diverse range of stakeholders, enriching the discourse and amplifying the event’s effect. Each participant had the option of face-to-face or online participation, depending on their interests and the Covid-19 guidelines at their institution. 

The event was free to attend. Accommodation and meals will be provided, after confirmation. The organisers do not cover the costs of transportation!

Language and Interpretation

The entire meeting was interpreted simultaneously in Spanish and English.


  1. To present the entire project’s results, as the project will conclude before the end of the 2022 calendar year.
  2. To disseminate these findings to parties beyond the consortium.
  3. To highlight the work of STUPS initiatives, their impact, and their positioning within the European Higher Education Area.
  4. To advance the dialogue around student participation by bringing together all parties.
  5. To bring together representatives of students, administrators of higher education institutions, educators, and politicians from around Europe in order to foster future cooperation on the theme of student engagement.

Target Audience

We anticipated participants from around Europe and beyond taking into account diversity and inclusion of the event:

  • HEIs and associations of university presidents and rectors from EHEA member nations.
  • Students from all around Europe
  • Student organisations/bodies devoted to higher education in EHEA member nations.
  • Political officials from the EU and national and regional administrations of EHEA countries with expertise in higher education.
  • Public and private bodies are responsible for evaluating and accrediting the EHEA’s quality.
  • Policymakers
  • Representatives of non-governmental organisations
  • Representatives from other pertinent Erasmus+ initiatives

Criteria for Selection

The organisers cover the costs of face-to-face participation for up to 90 people:

Students: accommodation and full meals

Others: full meals

To participate in the Multiplier Event, pre-registration is required by July 12!

Using the criteria specified for participant selection, the degree of representativeness concerning the group to which they belong, student attendance, gender parity, diversity, and belonging to less developed and transition regions of the EU will prevail.

Once the organisers’ quota is met, the remaining applications will be reviewed individually, and any possible extension will be communicated.

Programme of the event

Our speakers


Atelier 29 – Rue Jacques de Lalaing 29, 1000 Brussels

Atelier 29 is the former workshop of the famous Belgian sculptor and painter Jacques de Lalaing (1858–1917), located in the heart of the European Headquarters. His atelier art has lasted decades, and his monumental sculptures can be found throughout Brussels.

Atelier 29 is now a family business with deep roots that embrace both tradition and modernity. The team has breathed new life into this magical place, providing customers with the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind experience at Atelier 29 while being surrounded by art and enjoying a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Transport to the venue: 

Metro lines: 1 and 5 to Maelbeek station. The venue is located 200 m from the station.

Bus: 21, 27 and 64 to the bus stop Toulouse. 

Besides that, Brussels has a well-developed taxi, scooter, and city bike service, so you have various options for getting to the conference venue.

In case of any event-related queries, please contact and directly.

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